Are the consultations free?

YES, the consultation with our authentic Kerala Ayurvedic Consultant is FREE.

Is there a registration fee for Ayurveda Consultation?

NO, there is NO REGISTRATION FEE for Ayurveda consultation in our clinic.

Should I take appointment before coming?

No, you can pop into our clinic anytime or call in advance to make an appointment.

What happens when I visit your clinic for the first time?

You would be requested to fill a registration/consultation form with basic details about yourself, ailments, symptoms and / or the reason for your visit.

Who would see me during the consultation?

Our qualified Ayurveda Consultant will see you and make an assessment about your health condition and the therapy needed.

What should I bring when I come there for therapies?

You don’t have to bring anything special. We will provide you with towels, tissues, soaps etc.

Can I request that my therapy is conducted by a male/female so that I feel more comfortable?

In accordance with Ayurveda tradition, Female Masseuses will only provide therapy for FEMALE CUSTOMERS and Male Masseurs only for MALE CUSTOMERS.

What should I wear on the day of the therapy? Do I need to be naked? Can I keep my underwear on?

We would provide you with suitable disposable underwear. You can wear something comfortable when you come to our Clinic.

Are the therapists professionally qualified/certified?

Yes. All Therapists have received comprehensive training in Ayurvedic Panchakarma therapies from recognised training colleges in Kerala. In addition, they have several years of experience in traditional Kerala Panchakarma therapy, Kalari Massage.

Are there any side effects from any of the therapies using Ayurvedic herbs?

The Ayurveda Consultant, will advise you on the side effects, if any, of the herbs.

How can I pay?

You can pay us by cash and Credit/Debit Cards.

Can I place a deposit for therapies booked and pay the full amount on the day of the therapy?

Certainly. You can book through phone or in person. We will send a confirmation of the booking. You will have to re-confirm this by calling over the phone.

Will my personal information and details be made available to third parties?

Absolutely NOT! We will not divulge your details to any third party. Confidentiality is our promise to all our customers.

Are there any preparations, I need to make the night before having Ayurvedic therapies?

For a massage, No. But in the case of health rehabilitation therapies or therapies for chronic disorders, some preparations may be required as per the advice of the Ayurvedic Consultant.

Are the therapies suitable for children?

Yes. The therapies are suitable for children. However, it is always required to consult along with Parents/Guardianswith our Ayurveda doctor.

What actually happens during an Ayurvedic therapy/massage?

The procedure starts with a short consultation with our Ayurvedic Consultant, which is FREE; to determine your unique constitution which will then decide the precise mix of herbal Ayurvedic oils that will be used for your therapy.If you have any aches or pains, the Consultant will ask for herbal pouches/bags to be prepared and these will be used during the massage so that your aches and pains can be soothed away as part of the therapy. The therapy procedures vary, but for our standard body massages, it starts with a head massage followed by a full body massage with Ayurvedic oils that are customised and unique for each individual depending on the constitution of each.After the massage, the client will be advised to take a shower using special Ayurvedic soaps and shampoo to completely cleanse away the therapy oils so that you will come out clean and feeling relaxed and refreshed.

What is the speciality of Kerala Ayurvedic products?

Kerala Ayurveda products arenatural herbal products and these are gentle and safe. Since they are prepared form herbs & minerals after proper processing according to classical Ayurvedic methods of manufacturing.

Can our staff communicate in different languages?

Yes. Our staff can communicate in English, Malayalam, Hindi, Punjabi and Tamil.

Can I have a bath prior to therapy?

No need for it. Normally, after most massages you need to shower.