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Welcome to Kerala Ayurveda Clinic (KAC) at Leicester, UK. Here you will find everything that can Nurture your Body, Mind and Soul with Ayurvedic therapies. Being a world of rejuvenation, revitalization and relaxation, Kerala Ayurveda Clinic is one of the places where the classic and traditional Kerala system of Therapies is practiced in its comprehensive form with Traditional Ayurvedic Marma Therapy and Modern Manipulation.

At Kerala Ayurveda Clinic we integrate Ayurveda with modern life, yoga, meditation, and other therapy disciplines. Since 2007 Ayurveda Clinic in Leicester, offers unique specialized therapies to experience the goodness and the wisdom of Kerala alternative medication and other complimentary therapies including Traditional Manipulation and Marma therapy, Colon Hydrotherapy, Holistic Therapies, Beauty Therapies &Hopi Ear Candle etc.

Our Goal

In Kerala Ayurveda Clinic we integrate Ayurveda with present life, yoga, meditation, and other therapeutic disciplines. We practice the best traditional therapies integrated with classic Ayurveda.

Our Ayurveda clinic is the first traditional Kerala Ayurveda Clinic in Leicestershire. A more breathtakingly beautiful location in Leicester would be virtually impossible to imagine and yet we are only 3 minutes’ walk from St. Margaret Bus station, 5 minutes’ walk from city centre, & 7 minutes from Melton road.

Behind the doors of 173, Belgrave gate what you will experience is a little bit of Kerala, South India. You will be welcomed by our friendly and well-mannered staff and will be touched by our hospitality.

Kerala Ayurveda Clinic is started with the objective of providing better health and longevity for its customers. Kerala Ayurveda Clinic refreshes individuals by regaining resistance and good health. We provide Kerala traditional Ayurveda therapies with absolute dedication, so that the individuals who use our services are encouraged to integrate Ayurveda into their daily life for their own benefit to bring peace, balance of body, mind and soul.

Our aim is to provide a platform for the individuals to cope with the daily stresses of life and promote the chances of healthy life.

Our Credibility

  • Well-equipped clinic with traditionally prepared Herbal oils from Kerala.
  • Experienced traditional Male and Female Ayurvedic Practitioners from Kerala.
  • Experienced Male and Female Therapists from Kerala.
  • We do Marma Therapy, Traditional & Modern Manipulation.
  • We communicate in different languages like English, Malayalam, Hindi, Tamil and Punjabi.
  • Separate sections for Ladies With Female Staff and For Male With Male Staff.
  • Kerala herbal oil massages & herbal steam bath provided in authentic ayurvedic traditional way.
  • We monitor our staff and take feedback from our customers.
  • Our appointed experts check the quality of Ayurvedic herbal products and Oils before sending from Kerala to our Clinic in UK.
  • We are collaborated with charitable hospital in Kerala.
  • Our aim is to provide excellent service with reliable traditional Kerala Ayurvedic style.
  • We charge lower prices and deliver better quality services.