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Frequently Asked Questions

Are the consultations free?
Is there a registration fee for Ayurveda Consultation?
Should I take appointment before coming?
What happens when I visit your clinic for the first time?
Who would see me during the consultation?
What should I bring when I come there for therapies?
Can I request that my therapy is conducted by a male/female so that I feel more comfortable?
What should I wear on the day of the therapy? Do I need to be naked? Can I keep my underwear on?
Are the therapists professionally qualified/certified?
Are there any side effects from any of the therapies using Ayurvedic herbs?
How can I pay?
Can I place a deposit for therapies booked and pay the full amount on the day of the therapy?
Will my personal information and details be made available to third parties?
Are there any preparations, I need to make the night before having Ayurvedic therapies?
Are the therapies suitable for children?
What actually happens during an Ayurvedic therapy/massage?
What is the speciality of Kerala Ayurvedic products?
Can our staff communicate in different languages?
Can I have a bath prior to therapy?